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We have a panel of independent judges who are made up of GPs, Hospital General Medical Physicians, Nurse Consultants, Marketeers and those who have previously held a senior position in the pharmaceutical industry. The different skill sets offered by all of our judges complement each other in the varied assessment areas.

A new addition for the Pf Awards Virtual Assessment Day is a judges portal. The information for this will be communicated in due course.

All of the Pf Awards judges have signed a confidentiality agreement document before joining our panel.

Top Tips from the judges

  • Evidence that the candidate has a clear understanding and commitment to the mission they are on and demonstration of personal and professional growth.
  • Show clear outcomes that the candidate's actions have directly driven and have either had a positive impact on patient care or commercially, preferably both.
  • Enjoy the process, feedback is a gift, and will support your growth.
  • Be your genuine and authentic self.
  • Take some time on the day, to really notice how you are feeling and the thoughts you are conjuring. This will drive the behaviour that we see and the impact you have as a result. How do you want to come across?
  • Smile as you walk through the door, smiling releases endorphins and serotonin that help you to relax and also helps to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. Recognise that the judge (and the HCP) want you to do the best you possibly can and are willing you along all the way!

Quotes from the judges

  • Beth Stacey
    The Pf Awards are a fantastic opportunity to support the pharmaceutical industry to continue its development and added value to clinicians in the evolving NHS. I was delighted to be asked to judge again at this year’s awards, and to observe the future of our wonderful industry. Helping to identify, prepare and win at every critical moment.
    Beth Stacey
    Vice President, NeoOptima
  • Chris Finsh
    I judge at the Pf Awards because I passionately believe in the positive difference the industry makes to the world. When judging I look to see if the candidates share that passion, with a focus on solving problems for their customers and the patients that take their medicines.
    Chris Finsh
    Managing Director, Earthware
  • Sue Tomlinson
    As a judge I am looking for someone who has the competency to achieve, the passion to be successful and the drive to push boundaries. Being a judge is an absolute pleasure it gives me an opportunity to view the top talent currently in the industry and recognise outstanding performance.
    Sue Tomlinson
  • David Griffiths
    I am judging to give something back to an amazing industry that invests in its people and to which I have an awful lot to thank for. I love being inspired and love to learn from others.
    David Griffiths
    Company Director
  • Sally Frazer
    I’m judging because I think it is important to encourage and nurture the people in our industry. I’m looking forward to seeing people and teams which have been innovative over the last few months to continue to drive their business, working in a partnership with the NHS.
    Sally Frazer
    Business Coach and Trainer
  • Kaye Hallett
    I am judging these awards because I am keen to keep connected with industry talent, current initiatives and challenges. I also think that a Pf award helps inspire excellence in teams and individuals and makes sure this excellence is showcased across the industry.
    Kaye Hallett
    Clinical Development Consultant
  • Marcus Ineson
    I support the Pf Awards because they recognise excellence in an industry where the standards are generally very high. Having the opportunity to meet and hear what the best of the best are doing is a real privilege.
    Marcus Ineson
  • Pam Bates
    It's fantastic to be part of such a prestigious award process that helps the individuals and teams that work in our industry benchmark themselves against their peers, focus on their performance of today and look towards the pharma industry of the future.
    Pam Bates
    Pam Bates Consultancy
  • Allan Mackintosh
    The Pf Awards is a fantastic initiative and its great to see just how many categories are now included. This means that people from across a number of functions and roles have the opportunity to be recognised for the effort, innovation, creativity and success that they are generating. The fact that the awards cover both individual and team based success strongly highlights the dual approach needed to be successful in today’s pharmaceutical industry
    Allan Mackintosh
    PARTNERS Team Development
  • Mehrnaz Campbell
    As a Pf Awards judge I enjoy meeting candidates at the Pf Awards Assessment Day. They are top performers and have excelled in their jobs to get to this stage. It is a rich experience to see and hear the candidates’ initiatives and the creative ways they approach their challenges. I am inspired by their fresh perspective. Standards are increasing and it can be very difficult to select only one winner. There is always healthy competition and genuine camaraderie.
    Mehrnaz Campbell
    Cheemia Limited
  • Kathryn Hallett
    The Pf Awards are an invaluable opportunity to network with like-minded individuals across the pharmaceutical industry! The reason I get involved year after year is to experience first-hand the passion and dedication of the participants on the cutting edge of pharmaceuticals and be able to support them with written feedback. It gives us as judges the opportunity to really understand the challenges that the participants face across the industry, and most importantly to see participants shine when discussing topics that are so close to their hearts! I can’t wait to see how the Pf Awards and the participants continue to evolve in the coming years.
    Kathryn Hallett
    Excel Communications
  • Dave Cosgrove
    I never fail to be amazed by the level of talent I see in the Pharmaceutical industry. Highly skilled, professional communicators, amazing problem solvers, great sales people and inspiring managers - they are all there and the Pf Awards gives a showcase for the very cream of the industry.  Having the chance to spend time with the very best is why I'm involved in the judging process.
    Dave Cosgrove
    3bridges Coaching Ltd
  • Anne Ballard
    Judging at the Pf Awards is a very rewarding experience and it’s a pleasure to review and recognise the extensive new talent within the Pharmaceutical Industry.
    Anne Ballard
  • George Newall
    Having been a Pf Awards judge and member of the Pf Awards Advisory Panel since the inception of the Pf Awards twenty years ago, I’m always impressed by the outstanding talent displayed by many of the candidates who bravely put themselves forward as one of the new wave of Pf Award nominees. Candidates I have judged over the years have visibly benefitted from enhanced career development and career prospects. Securing a Pf Award will help YOU stand out from your peers. So, if you haven’t already – enter now and be a WINNER - this could be the start of something great!
    George Newall
    Catalyst Project Management Ltd

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