Entry Process

1How much does it cost to enter?
Nothing! The Pf Awards are free to enter.
2Is there a limit to the number of entries per category / per individual / team / company?
No! There is no limit to the number of entries per category / per individual / team / company
3Can candidates enter more than one category?
Yes! A candidate (individual / team or company) is welcome to enter multiple categories.
4What should I include in the one page/overview?
This is a precis page about the project or activity that you are entering with, for the judges to read, to allow them to have some context around your entry prior to them seeing you present on the assessment day.
5What can I include as evidence?
The 2 pieces of evidence are supporting documents for the project or activity that you are using in your entry. This can range in variety as suited to the project/activity (reports/stats/marketing/editorials/emails etc). It can be any document that shows evidence of the project or activity existing and its success. We would of course understand that certain elements of the documents may be redacted where confidentiality needed to be protected. Make sure that you do not put anything ‘top secret’ into the entry submissions. You can reference names and places where the evidence has come from but we would expect no email address, contact details to be included, these should all be deleted. All entry submission evidence should meet the requirement to share the story behind the category, for example if talking about partnerships we would expect to see enough details to evidence that this happened. In the event of a candidate wanting to submit video evidence, this will need to be embedded into the Entry form, with a clickable link to where it is hosted for viewing. (YouTube/Vimeo etc) and the one form uploaded.
6How soon will I know if my entry has been successful?
You will hear via email the week commencing Monday 1st February.
7I don’t have a Company Coordinator; can I still enter?
Yes, please discuss with your line manager and contact us to establish the best way forward

Virtual Assessment Day

1What is the location for the Assessment Day?
In 2021 the Assessment Day takes place virtually. You will be able to participate from any location with access via webcam and audio.
2What is the dress code for the Assessment Day?
You will be on camera and presenting as if to a client. We would advise you to wear your normal work attire in accordance with your company guidelines, as if visiting a client.
3I am successfully through with multiple categories - how does this work?
The Pf Awards team take this into consideration when generating your personalised timetable. You will be provided with personalised briefing documents with full details. We advise you to read your briefing documents carefully and contact if you have any questions.

Virtual Awards Evening

1How do I join the Pf Awards Virtual Evening?
It is free to join the evening, with a live stream. Details will be sent to you closer to the date.
2What is the dress code for the Pf Awards Dinner?
You may be on camera, so why not dress up in Black tie or evening attire. Celebrate, it’s your evening.


1How do we become a sponsor?
Please contact Melanie Hamer at melanie@pfawards.co.uk
2Do candidates need to attend both the Virtual Assessment Day and the Pf Awards Virtual Evening?
Yes, as anybody attending the Assessment Day has a chance of winning an award and we would of course love to see everyone celebrating.